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[Deadlines / Sign-Ups]


January 1 to January 18:

February 1:
Assignments E-mailed

February 1 to February 29:
Drafting-Beta Period

March 1:
Fic Posting Period Opens

June 30:
Fic Posting Period Ends

Why is there a beta period?

(1) If a participant needs to withdraw before the fics go live, this will give the Mods time to find a pitch-hitcher writer.

(2) Entries need moderator approval before they go live. The Mods will check for (1) proper formatting (2) use of subject lines and tags (3) and that the piece is polished. If the fic has not been beta'd, the mods will hold off posting it and direct to you a beta.

(3) You are writing for someone else, and someone else is writing for you. The Mods don't want anyone disappointed. The beta-period is for participants to find betas and polish up their submissions.

Why June 30th?

June 30th is when the Screen Actors' Guild/AMPTP contract expires. It will be a very interesting day, to say the least. Though the Mods hope and pray the strike will end before then, we want to keep the ficathon open, active, and energized for the entirety of the strike.

Notes For Filling Out the Form (Very Important!)

Please request three plot summaries. You can request three for one fandom or three for three fandoms, it's up to you. If you request a crossover or fusion fic, please incident that by filling the form out for both canons.

  1. Please list your preferences in terms of your willingness to write that canon. If you're more comfortable with writing for "The X-Files" than for "Harsh Realm", please rank "The X-Files" higher. Order is important, because the Mods will assign fic summary prompts based on how you rank the fandoms and characters.

  2. Please do not list a fandom you will not write. If you do not have five back-up fandom, then list up-to-five.

  3. Please answer as specifically as possible. Precise answers will lead to correct author-prompt matches.

  4. Please refrain from explaining why you will or will not write something. We just need to know "the facts" as Dagnet would say.

  5. Please use the following terminology when referring to "genre". This is very important. It will make a huge difference in requests and tone of your story.
Non-Canon Genre Terms

Alternative History: Fiction based on non-canon history or facts.
Example: In Pushing Daisies, Ned never killed Chuck's father.

Alternative Universe: Fiction based in a world outside of normal canon. The characters, typically, have parallel-but-different histories, vocations, desires, etc.
Example: Buffy and the Scoobies run the top modeling agency in NYC.

Crack: Fiction that has readers "questioning what drugs the writers smoked while writing it".
Example: genderfucks, body-swaps, m-pregs, etc.

Crossovers: Fiction featuring characters from two or more different canons.
Example: Dean Winchester needs a kidney transparent and checks into Seattle Grace.

Fanon: Fan contrived canon based on canon-assumptions, producer/actor interviews, and their own imagination.
Example: Dr. James E. Wilson from House is Super Jewish.

Fusion: Fiction that blends alternative universe and crossover; it uses elements (or settings) of one canon and characters from another.
Example: thedeadparrot's Breathe, Keep Breathing [Battlestar Galactica (RDM)/House]

Meta: Fiction that references the canon (or references literature/production rules) in a self-conscious or self-reflective fashion.
Example: Bruce Wayne watches old episodes of "The Gray Ghost".

Parody: Derivative work that comments and critiques upon an existing canon.
Example: Sylar develops a new power -- sex.

The Participant Form

Copy and paste this form into a comment. Then fill it out. Comments will be screened. If you do not have a livejournal, then copy and paste this form into an e-mail and send it to unitedfandom@gmail.com. If you have questions post and ask them here.