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[How It Works / FAQs]

How Does It Work?

Like yuletide, remix_redux, or any other fic-exchange, you will agree to write an assigned prompt; in return, another participant will write a prompt that you requested.

That's it?
That's it!

How do I Participate?
Fill out a "request form" and "writer's form".

The "request form" is for the three prompts (or plot summaries) you want to see. The writer that receives your request form will pick one. This way the writers have a bit of wiggle room, and there's an element of "surprise" and "suspense" to the challenge.

The "writer's form" is a quick survey of your fandom preferences. When filling out the writer's form, please list your preferences in terms of your willingness to write that canon. If you're more comfortable with writing for "The X-Files" than for "Harsh Realm", please rank "The X-Files" higher.

How do you assign/match prompts and writers?
By the "writer's form"; hence why your answers and ranks are important. Participants will fill out the survey for their primary fandom (their first choice) and their secondary fandoms (their back-up choices). Writers should receive a prompt related to their first choice. However, if there's not an even ratio, or, you know, the world explodes, and a participant cannot have their first choice, the Mods will look to a writer's back-up choices for answers.

Thus, if you list your top three secondary-fandoms as (1) "Grey's Anatomy", (2) "Supernatural", and (3) "Dexter", you will receive a "Grey's" prompt before a "Dexter" prompt.

Can I participate if I don't have a livejournal?
ABSOLUTELY. This is about showing support for the Writers (in our own little way). If you do not have a livejournal, you may reply anonymously to the sign-up thread. Or you can e-mail your form to us at unitedfandom@gmail.com. We will contact you via e-mail. Furthermore, once you are done the piece, you will e-mail it to us. The Mods will post it for you; or we will link it to an off-livejournal site.

Can I submit an existing fic?
Alas, no. If you have a piece that's unfinished on your computer, though, you may use that as a base. The goal is to produce new and fun material, not to amass a crack-AU rec-and-archive.

Fandom Requirements

American films and television only. No books, no imports, no plays, no poems. This fic-exchange is to support the WGA strike. Only work by WGA members is eligible.

Exceptions to the rule:
(1) If you request a crossover or fusion fic, then the secondary fandom may come from non-WGA fandom. You can write a crossover with "Torchwood", as long as it's crossed with "Pirates of the Caribbean" or "Heroes". A T.S. Elliot/"Torchwood" crossover is not eligible.

(2) If non-WGA member canon was turned into a film or series written by a WGA member. Harry Potter, Batman/DC 'Verse, or musicals-turned-movies meet the requirements.

Fic Requirements
  • Minimum length of 1,000 words

  • Slash, NC-17, Kinks, Etc, is all accepted. Anything Goes (as long as it's not current-canon).

  • Beta'd and submitted without any typos or spelling errors.

  • Does not abide by strict canon:
    • Written in a non-canon genre or style.

    • Does not follow the episodic style or normal style of the television series.

    • Would never get past the MPAA and/or Standards & Practices because of it's sex, violence, drugs, or indecency.

    • Take liberties (while still remaining true to the material).

    • Pairs ships and characters that are rarely together (or not together).

Spoiler Policy
This is a Spoiler-Free Community. Please refrain from using current-canon or spoilers for the current-canon television season. As stated, the goal is to encourage non-canon stories and concepts. Playing with spoilers would defeat that purpose. Please try to emphasis arcs the writers have already finished or scenario that would have not realistic chance to become canon. Note: for international fans, "current-canon" refers to current US season.

Note on Terminology
"Non-canon" and "non-current canon" does not automatically mean you should abandon the characters' characterization. Characterization refers to their manners, gestures, attitudes, personality, etc. It's easy to spot OOC verse IC stories and characterization. Please keep your alternative-universes in character!

If you have any questions, please drop a comment or e-mail us at unitedfandom@gmail.com. We will answer them as soon as possible.



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Jan. 6th, 2008 05:27 am (UTC)
I really hope I'm not sounding dense here, but this is the first fic-exchange I've ever thought about entering into, and I want to go about this the right way:

The shows have to be American, yes, exceptions being those which are in crossovers with American shows. But I'm not entirely clear on whether or not they have to be current shows (and thus keep up interest in the shows which are still running) or can be American shows which have ended already. The examples included things like Buffy and The X-files, but I didn't know if that was just for illumination or if they were perfectly good fandoms to use.

I mean, it's easier not to infringe upon canon if the show is already cooked, but I'm not sure how that would necessarily help in the cause.

So, what am I missing, here, in my late-night boggled state?

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