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[Note On Extentions]

Hey all!

We've been going through the entries, and there's some gaps in the matches. We don't want to match folks 'just because'. Therefore, we are going to extend sign-ups for another week in hopes to get some more entries.

Thanks you!


[Welcome Post]

Welcome to the mogulsquee au fic-exchange!

The Writers Guild of America is on strike. In a gesture of solidarity, mogulsquee is hosting a mulitfandom ficathon for non-current canon. The goal is to encourage folks to write alternative history, alternative universe, crack, crossover, fusion, meta (or strike-meta), and/or past season canon fics during the strike.

Fans could write an entire alternative-season based on current canon before the AMPTP agrees to return to the table. For legal and morale reasons, that could become problematic for the writers. The fans do not want to step on the writers' toes during the limbo period.

You might think, "But, it's just fan fiction. Like they care. Or know about it." Oh, you'd be surprised just how much they do and do not know. It only takes one "the writers copied my fic" claim by a batshit-and-egotistic fan to start a snafu. The writers shouldn't have anything to worry about but getting a fair deal. For all parties, let's listen to Mr. Roger De Bris and "keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay."

The AMPTP/WGA dispute now affects the 2008 Pilot season and the 2009 movie schedule. That means no Heroes: Volume III and no Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Without new canon or new spoilers, fans might wander to new, shiny interests; or worse, let the strike slip to their mind's back-burner. mogulsquee hopes that the fic-exchange will keep folks active in their fandoms during the strike.

Thank You!


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